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    ECML-EC Colloquium December 2022

ECML-EC Colloquium: Innovative Methodologies and Assessment in Language Learning 10 years on - moving forward together
13-14 December 2022
The overall aim of the colloquium was to mark ten years of the highly productive partnership between the ECML and the European Commission and to use the occasion to take a critical look at the range of activities undertaken, to consider their relevance and the impact achieved. This critical review was then used as the basis for discussing next steps in the light of current challenges.
On this page you can:
  • see the programme of the colloquium, 
  • watch some of the video presentations and/or download the Powerpoints, 
  • read some of the feedback from participants 
  • find out more about the four initiatives co-funded to-date through this Partnership: RELANG, SMC, language education in the light of Covid and the ECML summer academy.

Video presentations

ECML-EC Cooperation: a mutually beneficial partnership

Anna Sole Mena, Senior Expert, Unit B.2 Schools and Multilingualism, European Commission and Sarah Breslin, Executive Director of the ECML

PNF initiative: The future of language education in the light of Covid: lessons learned and ways forward

Peter Brown, EAQUALS

The ECML Summer academy (in French)

Marisa Cavalli, ECML Programme Consultant

Supporting multilingual classrooms (in French)

Brigitte Gerber, SMC co-coordinator

10 years of RELANG

José Noijons, RELANG coordinator

A snapshot of SMC and RELANG experiences from various countries

Sweden - a changed mindset

Lisa Källermark-Haya, National Agency for Education

RELANG in Albania

Tatjana Vuçani, Ministry of Education and Sports and Ludmilla Stefani, ASCAP

ECML programme 2024-2027: First indicators

Susanna Slivensky, Head of Programmes, ECML


SMC and RELANG in Malta

Presentation by Lara Sammut Debono and Alice Micallef, Ministry of Education, Malta

Download presentation

RELANG in Belgium

Presentation by Karine Dekeukelaere, Ministère de la Fédération Wallonie – Brussels, Belgium

Download presentation

Participant feedback

I observed the activities from my point of view as a consultant: I was really happy to verify the overall effectiveness of the ECML in disseminating the ideas developed in the projects and creating new, strong expertise at member state level. I was struck by the quality of the interventions at this level.

I learned a great deal about how different countries are implementing best practices among their respective teacher populations. I was particularly impressed with the workshops where we had a chance to work together, brainstorm, and learn from each other. I was also very inspired by the work that some of our colleagues are doing to assist newcomer/migrant populations in their countries.

It was great to hear from participants and/or organizers of the workshops held in their countries what their personal experience had been, why they had opted to continue with a certain type of training and not with the other, the different priorities and how they were being chosen. It also became clear that we need to come to a more snowball-like effect in order to reach more people as otherwise it'll take too long to change the system.

There were so many interesting exchanges, so I can't pinpoint one specific idea. I liked the format and appreciated having been given the opportunity not to have to choose but reflect all projects with colleagues.

I think that this format is a good one for future events where different experts and members of the Governing Board could meet and discuss about the projects the ECML are dealing with.

More information on the initiatives

SMC (Supporting multilingual classrooms)
SMC addresses the challenges of linguistic and culturally diverse classrooms, ensuring that all learners have access to quality education. 
Read more about this initiative
RELANG (relating language curricula, tests and assessments to the CEFR) 
RELANG offers capacity-building workshops to a range of stakeholders to help them relate language curricula, tests and examinations to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) and its Companion Volume (CV) in a valid way.
Read more about this initiative
Summer Academy for language teacher educators
The first-ever Summer Academy addressed current issues in teacher education, providing language teacher educators with an opportunity to become familiar with cutting-edge developments and resources, policy instruments both from the Council of Europe and the European Commission, and to reflect on their competences, values, and professional identities.
Read more about this initiative
The Future of Language Education in the light of Covid- lessons learned, ways forward
This initiative focused on the impact of the pandemic on language education and how the lessons learned from this experience can be beneficial in the future. 
Read more about this initiative

This initiative is carried out within the framework of a cooperation agreement between the European Centre for Modern Languages and the European Commission, entitled
Innovative Methodologies and Assessment in language learning