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Structure of the ECML

The ECML is a Council of Europe institution based in Graz, Austria. In cooperation with the Language Policy Unit of the Council the Centre functions as a catalyst for reform in the teaching and learning of languages. It assists its stakeholders in member states in bringing language education policies and practices together.

Within a networking structure, comprised of leading specialists of the expert community, the ECML operates 4-year programmes focusing on key educational issues requiring action. The international project teams...

  • cooperate with experts from 33 European countries;
  • provide training models for teacher educators, equipping them to train others within their institutions and networks;
  • publish examples of good practice applicable to different contexts.

The impact of the events of the Centre, initiated in Graz, reaches out to Europe and beyond. In each of the member states an ECML Contact Point promotes its activities and reinforces the dynamic network of the ECML at a national level.

ECML Governing Board
Appointed ministerial representatives
from each member state
adopts programmes of activities,
monitors their implementation,
oversees Centre’s management
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ECML National Nominating Authorities
Agencies in each member state
linked to ministries
responsible for selecting
participants to the Centre’s activities
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ECML National Contact Points
National networks
in language education
disseminate information and
documentation on the Centre‘s
work on a national level
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Austrian Association for
the ECML (Verein EFSZ)

Austrian authorities
provides and manages the Centre’s
infrastructure, develops synergies
with partners in the region thereby
creating added value within the
host country

This unique structure enables the Centre to serve as a European reference point for all who are interested in excellence in language education.

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