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ECML PROGRAMME - Programme 2012-2015

ECML Programme 2012-2015: The overarching aim

The growing linguistic and cultural diversity in today’s European societies makes it evident that in order to cater adequately for each learner’s needs – supporting the development of each learner’s linguistic and intercultural capacities required for his/her personal well-being and success and for the benefit of the society they are a part of – provision needs to build on inclusive, plurilingual and intercultural pedagogic approaches..

Pedagogic approaches are what teachers, educational institutions and society as a whole must provide and apply in implementing education. Consequently, pedagogical approaches following inclusive, plurilingual and intercultural thinking are practical steps to undertake in order to achieve good quality education for all.

Substantial work in this respect has already been undertaken and significant expertise has been built up in the area of foreign language education. Therefore, foreign language experts will play a vital role in moving forward the relevant approaches by inviting new partners in the educational domain to collaborate and contribute to common and coherent developments across subject and language boundaries.

Inclusive, plurilingual and intercultural education