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In the 2012-2015 programme the ECML intends to liaise with parents as key stakeholders in the education of their children. It is envisaged to inform parents about the work carried out at European level and to win their support for the implementation of European instruments favouring the development of plurilingual and intercultural competences.

Projects targeting parents

Collaborative Community Approach to Migrant Education

  Project duration: 2013-2014
Project website in English/French
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This project will explore new ways to enhance young migrants' education by developing links between schools, the home and local partners in education. This educational joint venture aims to develop the learners’ skills in the language of schooling and their plurilingual competences. New ways of teaching will be explored by producing multi-modal texts. Online resources as well as accompanying documents will be developed in cooperation with libraries and other local partners.


Involving parents in plurilingual and intercultural education


Project duration: 2013-2014
Project website in English/French
The European Parents Association (EPA) is a partner in this project
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The project aims to disseminate knowledge relating to the cognitive and social benefits of plurilingual and intercultural education.It also aims to develop the inclusion of parents in the elaboration of plurilingual and intercultural activities in school.To achieve this second aim, teachers must be informed about and trained in the benefits of involving families in pluralistic approaches - plurilingual and intercultural.


ECML publications relating to parents