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    Social agent

The Action-oriented approach and the learner as a social agent

This module addresses the change of paradigm started by the CEFR and continued and reinforced by the Companion Volume. It addresses how the role of the learner changes and how the learner takes centre stage, which is particularly relevant in vocational training and at university. Furthermore, it provides teachers and teacher educators with templates and materials for reflection to help the construct tasks that encourage the action-oriented approach.

Lesson videos

Introductory video

A video that provides a short summary and key aspects of the action-oriented approach, in which the learner is considered to act as a social agent.

Download PowerPoint presentation

Download PowerPoint presentation with audio

The action-oriented approach in detail

This video offers a more detailed description of the action-oriented approach and provides its key aspects.

Download PowerPoint presentation

Download PowerPoint presentation with audio (19 MB)

Video script

A script of the videos, for those who prefer reading to watching.

Download script

Professional development activities

Reflection sheet

The Action-oriented Approach – reflection sheet

Task template

A template which lists key elements of a task in an action-oriented approach.

Action-oriented Approach – task template


The checklist can help to design tasks in professional development programmes focusing on the action-oriented approach. It has been designed to encourage reflection; it can be adapted to specific contexts. 

Checklist for developing an actionoriented task 1