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This module deals with the concept of interaction, as a fundamental aspect of communication that is key when considering the learners as social agents. The module is divided into sub-modules that discuss different types of interaction.

Written interaction

This section concerns written interaction as presented in the Companion Volume. It demonstrates the differences between written production and written interaction as well as the differences between spoken and written interaction. It offers teachers and teacher educators activities for the implementation of the descriptors and it presents examples of written interaction activities accompanied by a checklist designed to encourage reflection on the usefulness of the activities.

Lesson video

Written interaction

A video that demonstrates the difference between written production and written interaction; the differences between spoken and written interaction; and a summary of CEFR Companion Volume descriptors for written interaction.

Download PowerPoint presentation

Download PowerPoint presentation with audio (23MB)

Video script

A script of the videos, for those who prefer reading to watching.

Download script

Activities for teacher educators and teachers

A training activity

A classroom activity Enquiring about a job position (Correspondence) whose usefulness in teaching, learning and assessment is to be discussed or reflected upon.

Example 1. Training activity: Written interaction – Correspondence

A checklist

A checklist associated with the training activity which has been designed to encourage reflection. 

Checklist for written interaction activities

Examples of classroom tasks

Other examples of classroom tasks that exemplify written interaction. Tasks can be downloaded and used for training purposes.

Example 1. Classroom activity: Written interaction – Correspondence