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    Communautés de recherche-action au service des enseignants de langues (EN et DE)
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PROGRAMM 2016-2019 des efsz

Aktionsforschungsnetzwerke für SprachenlehrerInnen

How to get involved?

Individuals with a special interest and professional background in the topic of this particular project are invited to take up contact with the ECML National Nominating Authority in their country so that they can be considered for participation in the corresponding project workshop.

Project workshop in 2016

10-11 November 2016

Workshop focus on action research in the language classroom

  • Development of concepts and materials
  • Training and professional development

Expected outputs of the workshop for the participant: Action research success stories throughout Europe and a small collaborative European action research project 

Expected outcomes of the workshop for the participant: Better understanding of the values of the action research process in the language classroom in a European context

Profile of participants

Professional background

  • Teacher educators
  • Language and CLIL teachers in secondary schools

Experience, competences required:

  • Teachers: open to professional development and learning, interest in action research
  • Teacher educators: interest in action research
  • Readiness to carry out a collaborative mini-action-research project
  • Routine familiarity with ICT tools

Expected involvement/tasks before/during/after the workshop:  Preparatory reading of materials provided by the project team, contribution of materials after the event, sharing of materials and/or experience on a web platform

Before: Preparation: reflection on your teaching practice – for a short presentation (poster or video clip)

  • Poster or 3-5 minute video-clip (let us know if you have a clip and if you can bring your laptop). Prepare a presentation of max. 5 minutes.

During: Active participation, teamwork on an action plan for an action research mini-project

  • Mini-projects around specific topics (e.g. classroom interaction, teacher-student interaction, teacher behavior, giving instructions, students reactions, time managements, lesson plans, skills development, learning strategies, involving students)
  • Action plan to include timeframe, tools

After: Carry out and report on the mini-action-research project

  • 2-3 week project, 2 contacts with the project group after the workshop
  • Offer final results/report on the mini-action-research project by end of February 2017
  • Examples will feed into the guide and will be published on the project website.
If you wish to participate click here and contact your National nominating authority.