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ECML PROGRAMME - Programme 2012-2015

A European learning network for professionals supporting work-related second language development

Language for Work is a European learning network for professionals teaching the language of the host country to migrants and ethnic minorities in work-related contexts. The network helps members share and develop their practice.

Project results


What to disseminate How to disseminate Whom to disseminate to
Value of European Learning Network for workplace majority language learning professionals and other stakeholders Lobbying, liaising, networking Council of Europe, European Commission, European stakeholder bodies, stakeholders in educational politics and labour market (at national as well as European level)  
Web-based ressource Project website, links to exisiting relevant national and international websites, publications, organising and participating in (joint) conferences, workshops, nationally and internationally. Practitioners, researches
Web-based document library Mainly through project website Mainly researchers, but also practitioners for deeper contextual understanding


In cooperation with the 
Moscow State Linguistic University


Project workshop in 2015 - if you wish to participate click here and contact your National Nominating Authority