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France: resources

Information about the ECML

ECML information brochure: English - French


Compendium on cultural policies and trends in Europe

Initiated by the Council of Europe and the European Institute for Comparative Cultural Research (ERICarts) the Compendium is a web-based and permanently updated information and monitoring system of national cultural policies in Europe. Information is provided for 42 countries – Quick Facts, Cultural Policy Profiles, Compendium Grid in 26 national languages, Profiles of National Experts.
Transversal themes focus on Cultural access & participation, Cultural rights and ethics, Cultural diversity, Intercultural dialogue (including the Intercultural Cities Index), Status of artists, International cultural co-operation and mobility.
Two sections provide reports on national language issues and policies (section 4.2.5) and national language laws (section 5.1.9).


Online resources


  • Courriel européen des langues provides information on the activities of the Council of Europe and the European Union in the field of language policy. It also publishes news about the ECML - its activities and publications - and on French participation in ECML workshops.
  • Billet du bilingue provides information on French bilingual sections and news about bilingual teaching.

Documentary resources edited by CIEP

  • Bibliography « Langues et employabilité », Septembre 2014, 24 pages:
    This bibliography focuses on language economics and corporate language practice and  has been compiled by CIEP within the framework of a call for tender of the European Commission.

Recommendations for optimising language teacher training in Europe

In July 2009, more than a hundred decision makers met at the Centre international d’études pédagogiques (CIEP) at Sèvres (near Paris) to define new ways of optimising language teacher training in Europe. This Summer University, designed by a consortium of 7 institutions, has been organised with support from the European Commission.
  • Results of the event (texts, videos, recommendations)
  • Recommendations for optimising language teacher training in Europe (available in English, French and German)

Survey among teacher trainers involved in ECML workshops from 2006-2009

From 16 February to 16 March 2010, the Board of IUFM Directors (CDIUFM) conducted a survey among teacher trainers working in teacher training institutions (instituts universitaires de formation des maîtres, IUFM) in France who participated in ECML workshops during the period 2006-2009. The results highlight the impacts at different levels:  teacher training institutions, professional and personal development, follow-up dissemination actions related to the ECML work.
CDIUFM gathers the directors of 32 teacher training institutes and is supported by  the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

The contribution of France to the work of the ECML, 2000-2015

Claire Extramiana, La contribution française aux travaux du CELV à Graz - une enquête, February 2013

Claire Extramania, "Point de vue: La contribution française aux travaux du CELV à Graz", Courriel européen des langues, no. 27, January 2013

Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Un cadre européen commun de référence pour les langues: apprendre, enseigner, évaluer , Division des politiques linguistiques / Conseil de l’Europe, Strasbourg, Éditions Didier, ISBN 227805075-3.


European Language Portfolio


National institutions and associations



Associations for French as a foreign language

Specialised press

Journals in the field of language didactics

  • AILE (Acquisition et interaction en langue étrangère) (Acquisition and interaction in foreign language)
    This journal is published by the association "Encrages" of University Paris VIII. Online: list and tables of contents of the issues already published, practical information.
  • Babylonia
    This Swiss journal is devoted to language learning and teaching. It provides contributions from teachers, researchers, methodology experts, etc. in one of the following languages: English, French, German and Italian.
  • Les cahiers de l’APLIUT
    Journal published by the Association of language teachers of universitary institutes of technology (Association des Professeurs de Langues des Instituts Universitaires de Technologie (APLIUT)).
  • Etudes de linguistique appliquée
    Journal of language and culture didactology.
  • Les langues modernes
    Journal published by APLV.

Online journals and newsletters

Journals in the field of didactics of French as a foreign language

  • Cahiers de l’ASDIFLE (Les)
    Journal published by the Association of didactics of French as a foreign language (l’Association de didactique du français langue étrangère)
  • Français 2000
    Journal published by the Belgian Association of French teachers of the French community (Association belge des professeurs de français de la Communauté française (ABPF)). It consists of studies by experts and practicioners, summaries of pedagogical experiences, etc.
  • Français dans le monde (Le)
    The journal of the International Federation of French teachers (Fédération internationale des professeurs de français (FIPF) is designed as an information, training and exchange tool for French teachers worldwide. It also provides up-to-date information relating to French pedagogy and culture and the French-speaking world.
  • Travaux de didactique de français langue étrangère
    Journal published by the University Paul-Valéry, Montpellier 3.


  • The website Primlangues provides pedagogical support to foreign language teachers in primary schools in France.
  • The website Emilangues (EMILE stands for "Enseignement de Matières par l’Intégration d’une Langue Etrangère" (content language integrated learning) provides teacher support. It is provided in seven language (German, English, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Russian) and three non-language subjects (history-geography, hotel management, living science, geoscience).
  • Franc-parler
    This informative website is designed for French teachers worldwide. It provides news about their profession, pedagogical and practical resources, etc.

Eurypedia – the  European Encyclopedia on National Education Systems

Eurydice has launched Eurypedia – the  European Encyclopedia on National Education Systems. This online resource presents the education system organisation and recent reforms in Europe. Eurypedia contains more than 5000 articles and covers 38 school and university systems within the 33 countries participating in the EU's Lifelong Learning Programme (all 27 EU Member States as well as Croatia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, Switzerland and Turkey). All Eurypedia content is available in English and, where applicable, in the language of the country, and is organised by topic and country.

•  Information relating to France: English - French


Euromosaic study: Support from the European Commission for measures to promote and safeguard regional or minority languages and cultures.


National relay for the European Day of Languages (EDL)

The function of a national EDL Relay is to act as a multiplier for organisations, schools and associations, circulating:  

  • information communicated by the Council of Europe (for example the press release of the Council on the Day, which the Relays are invited to translate into national/local languages, updates on the website);
  • promotional materials - posters, stickers etc. provided by the Council of Europe every year in significant quantities for event organisers.

France and the Council of Europe in brief

Available in English - French - GermanItalian - Russian