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ECML resources

The work of the ECML represents a collective effort and determination to enhance the quality in language education at challenging times. The publications illustrate the dedication and active involvement of all those who participated in a series of international projects and training and consultancy activities. The promotion of the programme outputs and their adaptation to different learning environments is supported through National Contact Points in each of the member states of the Centre. Read more

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CLIL matrix

Over the past decade there has been considerable interest in improving additional language learning across all educational sectors. One solution which has emerged is teaching and learning through a second/foreign language (often referred to as Content and Language Integrated Learning - CLIL, or bilingual education). After a period of widespread experimentation there is now a need to pool experience with respect to maximizing successful implementation of this educational approach.

The CLIL Quality Matrix team will collect data on good practice in CLIL/bilingual education from ECML member states which complements that found during the course of producing Practice & Perspectives in European Bilingual Education (1996) published by the European Platform for Dutch Education and other existing collections The general aim is to produce a Quality Matrix which shows how best practice may be achieved, and potential outcomes in terms of added value.

This proposal is largely research and development on innovative approaches to the learning and teaching of languages. It targets primary and secondary schools, and vocationally-oriented colleges, and focuses on quality assurance and management issues. CLIL/bilingual education specifically handles methodologies for broadening (through greater exposure) and diversifying (different learning approaches) language learning so as to promote plurilingualism, change attitudes towards the self as a language learner, and harness the potential of new instruments such as the CEF/ELP.

Target group(s): teachers

Publication year: 2007

Author(s): David Marsh



CLIL Matrix Website (EN) (FR)

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Download the catalogue of the ECML programme outputs 2016-2019 "Languages at the heart of learning": English - French

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