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Language for work
Tools for professional development 

Language for work – Tools for professional development fosters professional development in the field of work‐related majority language learning for adult migrants and ethnic minorities. It creates tools and resources to support the professional development of teachers, teacher educators and other practitioners in this field. Read more

Working languages of the project: English, French
Project term: 2016-2018
Shortcut: www.ecml.at/Languageforwork2


Who will benefit from the project? 

Project activities will involve those directly engaged with the professional development of teachers, such as teacher educators, policy-makers, researchers, learning providers and others from the field of vocational learning and skills.

Project outputs

The project aims to create four products:

  • ‘Quick guide’ tool, in at least five European languages
  • Expandable compendium of approaches to support workplace language learning
  • Framework to support professional development, outlining practitioner roles and competences relating to different approaches to support work-related language learning
  • Resource bank (intended to include training materials, case studies, etc.), linked to the professional development framework, to support professional development in the field of work-related language learning.

These products will be made available online via the Language for work network website.

What support will the project outputs provide? 

The project’s ‘Quick guide’ tool offers an at-a-glance overview of the key principles and approaches used to deliver successful work-related linguistic integration of adult migrants, including refugees.

The project’s compendium of approaches will make a wide range of approaches easily available to policy makers, learning providers and others across Europe, expanding quality provision and prompting further professional development. 

The project’s professional development framework and linked resource bank will help teacher-educators and others engaged in the development of support for work-related majority language learning to scope and then meet the professional development needs of practitioners.

Via these products, the project will help all those engaged in support for work-related majority language learning to ensure the quality and sustainability of work-related majority language learning opportunities for adult migrants and ethnic minorities.

Example of how the project will support work-related language learning

Adult migrants in a particular workplace require work-related language development. Their employer contacts a learning provider and, together, employer and provider consult the project’s compendium of approaches to workplace language learning. 

Informed by the compendium, the employer and learning provider develop a customised support programme. They use the project’s professional development framework to specify the practitioner roles required by the programme. They use the project’s resource bank to develop training for these roles. The programme providers send feedback on all aspects (i.e. professional development elements as well as actual support approach) to the Language for work network; this informs further development of the framework and/or resource bank.

This is a project of the European Centre for Modern Languages within its "Languages at the heart of learning" programme 2016-2019.
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It is a follow-up to the project Language for work carried out in the ECML’s 2012-2015 programme.
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