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    Quality education in Romani (QualiRom)

Quality education in Romani for Europe (QualiRom)

To promote quality education in Romani within a human rights perspective by providing training on the use of QualiRom materials and consultancy on the Curriculum Framework for Romani for curriculum development (CFR)



This Training and Consultancy activity responds to ECML member states’ needs in the following areas:

  • equality of access to education within a human rights perspective
  • raising awareness of QualiRom
  • the lack of adequate teaching materials, trained teachers and supportive structures in Romani teaching across different European states

The Curriculum Framework for Romani (CFR) was developed by the Language Policy Unit of the Council of Europe as part of a comprehensive response by the Council of Europe to Roma and Traveller issues. The need for such support measures has been expressed in numerous international resolutions including Recommendation No R(2000)4 of the Committee of Ministers to member states on the education of Roma/Gypsy children in Europe, the Warsaw Declaration of Heads of State and Government of the member states of the Council of Europe (May 2005), the action plan attached to the Warsaw Declaration and the Committee of Ministers Recommendation CM/Rec(2009)4 on the education of Roma and Travellers in Europe. Moreover, the Secretary General has recently made a commitment to develop a Council of Europe thematic Action Plan on Roma issues.

The (2011-13) QualiRom initiative, carried out under the European Commission’s Key Actions 2 programme, made extensive use of the Curriculum Framework for Romani (CFR) and two European Language Portfolio models. It focused on raising literacy levels in Romani and on training teachers of Romani. QualiRom set out to promote the inclusion of Romani in education systems and to contribute to the integration of speakers of the language by improving the educational situation of Roma children, raising the self-esteem of Romani speakers, contributing to the emancipation of people with a Roma background, and promoting equality of opportunity as a basic human right. The project has published an extensive databank of teaching and learning materials for teachers of Romani (http://qualirom.uni-graz.at). The materials developed in six Romani varieties range from proficiency levels A1 to B2 for learners at primary, secondary and tertiary levels and constitute the largest resource of its kind for the teaching and learning of the Romani language based on European standards.

Target groups

  • policy makers, decision takers and curriculum developers
  • textbook writers and materials developers
  • teacher trainers and teachers
  • institutions and agencies involved in training teachers of Romani and Romani teaching

Results and benefits

The immediate results/benefits will be to:

  • raise awareness of the ethos and pedagogical implications of the CFR and accompanying ELPs
  • inform curriculum developments designed to provide for the teaching and learning of Romani
  • develop classroom skills in the use of the CFR, ELPs and QualiRom materials
  • inform the development of local initiatives to provide qualifications/accreditation for teachers of Romani

The impact and long-term benefit will be to:

  • contribute at all levels of education systems to the integration of Roma pupils

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QualiRom Training and Consultancy

This offer seeks to build upon the foundation already provided by QualiRom (materials, training CFR) to offer member states 2–day consultancies / workshops in accordance with local needs:

  • consultancy on the Curriculum Framework for Romani for curriculum development
  • consultancy and training on the Curriculum Framework for Romani and corresponding European Language Portfolios for textbook writing and materials development
  • training on the use of QualiRom materials (and the possible localisation of these materials)
  • consultancy and training based on the QualiRom teacher training module

Provision of member state

  • nomination of appropriate institutions and individuals to participate in the project
  • one or more interlocutors at senior level to discuss needs and objectives as seen by the member state
  • information about current approaches and specific needs at local level
  • establishing contacts to the relevant target groups
  • co-organisation and co-financing of local conferences and workshops
  • appropriate mediation arrangements when (some) participants do not have access to the working language.

see also: Practical information             


Teacher training - teaching Romani

QUALIROM produced teaching materials in six Romani varieties ranging from proficiency levels A1 to B2 for learners on primary, secondary and tertiary levels. The material production as well as the resulting teaching activities focused on proficiency levels A1 and A2 for primary and secondary learners.


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