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The work of the ECML represents a collective effort and determination to enhance the quality in language education at challenging times. The publications illustrate the dedication and active involvement of all those who participated in a series of international projects and training and consultancy activities. The promotion of the programme outputs and their adaptation to different learning environments is supported through National Contact Points in each of the member states of the Centre. Read more

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FREPA: A Framework of reference for pluralistic approaches to languages and cultures - Competences and resources

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The term pluralistic approaches to languages and cultures refers to didactic approaches which involve the use of several (or at least more than one) variety of languages or cultures simultaneously during the teaching process. By abandoning the "compartmentalised" view of an individual’s linguistic and cultural competence(s), this publication is a valuable step towards implementing the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, in particular its rationale on plurilingual and intercultural competence.

Examples of descriptors:

  • "Can use knowledge and skills already mastered in one language in activities of comprehension / production in another language" (Skills);

  • "Having confidence in one’s own abilities in relation to languages (their study / their use)" (Attitudes).


  • The publication presents a comprehensive list of descriptors (Knowledge, Attitudes and Skills) considered necessary within the perspective of a plurilingual and intercultural education. The same descriptors are available online, in graphic form, where the user can see at what stage of the educational process the authors would recommend the development of each resource and its sub-categories.

  • It provides teaching materials for putting the development of these resources into practice. The teacher can select an activity from a database according to the specific resources for knowledge, skills and attitudes which s/he has identified from the framework.


  • a systematic presentation of competences and resources (Knowledge, Attitudes and Skills) which can be developed by pluralistic approaches, (available in English (ISBN 978-92- 871-7173-3) and French, as well as (partially) in German, Spanish and Hungarian)

  • online teaching materials: http://carap.ecml.at;
  • tables of descriptors across the curriculum: an online graphical presentation with hypertext;
  • a training kit for use in initial and in-service teacher training;
  • an introduction for users;
  • a leaflet outlining the framework materials.

Target group(s): teachersteacher educatorsdecision-makers

Publication year: 2012

Author(s): Antoinette Camilleri Grima, Michel Candelier, Véronique Castellotti, Jean-François de Pietro, Ildikó Lőrincz, Franz-Joseph Meißner, Muriel Molinié, Artur Noguerol, Anna Schröder-Sura



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