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ECML resources

The work of the ECML represents a collective effort and determination to enhance the quality in language education at challenging times. The publications illustrate the dedication and active involvement of all those who participated in a series of international projects and training and consultancy activities. The promotion of the programme outputs and their adaptation to different learning environments is supported through National Contact Points in each of the member states of the Centre. Read more

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Action research communities for language teachers

The Action research communities (ARC) website offers activities which put teachers at the heart of the quality process in the language learning classroom. These aim to support teachers in European classrooms to use action research as an essential tool for the development of reflective classroom practice and highlight ways to promote professionalism within language teaching.

• A step-by-step guide for action research
• A workshop template promoting action research to teachers
• A dialogue sheet for initiating action research activities
• Success stories illustrating how teachers can work on research questions in their specific contexts

A step-by-step guide for action research
The ARC-Spiral seeks to help you initiate action research:
• to provide encouragement for newcomers to action research;
• to provide an overview of the steps to be taken;
• to show that it is important to take small steps;
• to show that the sky is the limit - there are always ways to continue and advance further;
• to be used as a reference tool, especially for teachers not supported through an action research programme or established group.

Dialogue sheet
The dialogue sheet helps set out on the action research journey and can be used at training workshops in a flexible way. Working with images is also a good way to generate ideas and to start up discussions.

Success stories
A central objective of ARC is to provide impulses for teachers to engage in action research and to be confident in sharing their achievements.

Workshop template
This is an open educational resource developped through widescale piloting that provides a suggested time plan for a two to three-day workshop for teacher trainers in initial teacher education introducing action research as an inspiring way for teachers for their work in the classroom. The template includes links to both action research and content-based activities.

Target group(s): teachersteacher educators

Publication year: 2020

Author(s): Lechner Christine, Gallagher-Brett Angela, Ragnarsdottir Brynhildur Anna, Jacquin Marianne, Zanin Renata, Mihaiu Tita

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Download the catalogue of the ECML programme outputs 2016-2019 "Languages at the heart of learning": English - French

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